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Finding the right provider does not have to be difficult. The Home Care/Hospice Agency Locator contains the most comprehensive database of more than 33,000 home care and hospice agencies. Use this resource to find all the agencies in any particular area of the country.

Before starting, determine what home care services you need. If you're new to home care, you can find more information here.

Help us make sure patients and families can get the right care. The National Association for Home Care & Hospice is now conducting a nationwide calling campaign to reach all agencies that aren’t members of NAHC. Expect to hear from a representative who will ask you to verify your phone number, address, and company name. You can also assist us – and boost your agency’s business – with a few clicks of a mouse. Please find your listing in our directory. Then add your service area zip codes and email address for referrals. This information will guide consumers who are looking for the services you provide.

And we’re looking out for you whether you display the NAHC logo or not. NAHC cares about all home care and hospice providers because we share a common goal: make home the center of health care.

We thank you for responding to our drive to give the most current data to those who need your care. And do consider joining NAHC, so you can get many benefits, including use of the Enhanced Listing feature to make your profile more appealing. So call NAHC today and join our campaign. Help us drive home the message that home is the right place to heal.

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